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About The Attorney General

And I’ve additionally stated I’m dedicated to having the American folks have a free choice in this election between the candidates and I don’t want the Department of Justice to be interfering in that. We run a division that appears throughout the whole country to ensure persons are handled equally. You can solely try this when you have one workplace that’s responsible for that.

We really went again and located paperwork that showed that there have been plenty of irregularities in what the FBI did. And actually, when this case was being argued within the appellate courtroom, the appeals panel pointed out, ‘Hey, if there have been irregularities right here, it isn’t what Justice Department is doing now, it is what they did when they indicted Flynn.’ So I would say that justice was, is being done in that case.

And what actually happened in that case is that the 4 prosecutors who had prosecuted the case, the first line, they needed to suggest a seven to 9 year sentence on Stone, and the U.S. legal professional felt that was too extreme and was not justified under the circumstances. And what I stated was set forth all of the relevant information and go away it to the decide’s discretion to select the proper choice, which can also be not unusual within the department.

Paxton joined attorneys general from Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Carolina in signing the letter. The letter comes as a Republican policing invoice stalled with lack of Senate Democratic support. Well, as I’ve said a few times, no one beneath investigation within the Durham matter is operating for president. And I’ve mentioned publicly that neither President Obama or Vice President Biden are beneath investigation.

I would also say that the same is true within the different case you talked about, the Stone case. He got the sentence that everybody else would have gotten for that conduct. Well, the supervisors have mentioned that a lot of what he said merely false. So, [crosstalk] and the statements he made, he said were, he admitted have been double hearsay.

He had never talked to anybody involved in the choice, whereas I actually made the choice. And usually what happens is, disputes, especially in excessive profile circumstances, come as much as the attorney basic. It’s commonplace for there to be a dispute in a excessive-profile case and for it to be resolved by the lawyer basic.