What Do I Do If I Get Rear-Ended By A Commercial Vehicle?

If you’ve been in a rear-end collision, you may be wondering what your legal rights are. Almost always, you’re not at fault for the accident. In addition, rear-end collisions can result in more damage to the vehicles involved than the average vehicle. Rear-end accidents are often caused by cars slowing down and colliding with another car. However, when cars are speeding, they can’t stop in time and end up hitting the first vehicle.

Almost never at fault

A rear-end collision between a commercial vehicle and a car is one of the deadliest types of accidents. It’s hard to determine who is at fault in such a collision. Commercial vehicles must carry specialized insurance and are not allowed to tailgate, which is a common cause of rear-end collisions. It’s the rear driver’s responsibility to maintain a safe distance from the front vehicle. This distance should be wide enough to allow the rear vehicle to stop suddenly and avoid collision.

Common injuries caused by a rear-end collision

Rear-end collisions are the most common types of accidents and leave victims with various types of injuries. Rear-end collisions can be prevented with proper driving practices.

Legal options

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The Position of an Advocate as a Legal Counsel, What is it?

In proceedings in the legal advocate assembly, the litigating parties will face difficulties both in making claims,  duplicates, appeals or in defending their rights and interests.

this is due to the complexity of the applicable legal provisions so that they are not easily understood by citizens. Therefore, the parties who


litigants use legal counsel to settle legal cases in the legal assembly, so that they can get their rights and carry out their obligations. This statement is also based on Law No. 48 of 2009 concerning Judicial Power in Article 56 which reports that everyone involved in a problem has the right to get legal support.

In accordance with Law No. 18 of 2003 concerning Advocates, Advocates are people who serve to provide legal services, both inside and outside the legal assembly. There are also legal services provided by advocates in the form of distributing legal consultations, legal advice, exercising power of attorney, representing, accompanying, defending, and carrying out other legal actions for the legal interests of clients.

To act as a proxy or representative of a litigating party before a court, a person must fulfill the following conditions:

In accordance with Article 1795 of the Civil Code, the granting of power of attorney can be tried in a special way, which only affects one or more specific interests, or universally, which covers all interests of the power of attorney.

  • Appointed as a proxy or representative in a lawsuit
  • Appointed as a proxy or representative in the lawsuit record if
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