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Urgent ! This is the Role of Lawyers in Assisting the Police

The role of advocates and / or more often than not we hear as lawyers in terms of legal assistance in the police is very important and useful. Like the scales used for weighing, so that they are not biased and only see one side, that’s where the lawyer is there so that the scales are not one-sided so that what is called justice can be realized.

Legal provisions regarding the role of lawyers for legal assistance in criminal law are regulated in the Criminal Procedure Law which contains: For the sake of defense, a suspect or defendant has the right to receive legal assistance from one or more legal advisers during the period and at each level of examination, according to the procedures stipulated in this law”

And regarding the title above, why is the role of a lawyer in assistance in the police important? The aim is apart from providing legal knowledge to someone caught in a legal problem because he does not understand or even for the first time dealing with the law, another thing is to exercise and fight for the rights of the person he is defending whether he is a suspect, reporter The reported … Read More

Tips for Choosing a Lawyer

Beginning in 2000, the term a lawyer’s office that helped close credit cards / KTA began to appear. Gradually the lawyer’s office that helped the process of closing credit cards increasingly mushroomed. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who act in the name of a lawyer’s office to deceive customers for profit. With this, negative public opinion arises from the term of lawyer’s office which helps the credit card closing process. Here we summarize some things that need to be considered in choosing a lawyer’s office for handling your credit

Do Not Believe In Offices That Offer The Bleaching Program.

The lawyer’s office usually offers a bleaching program (no payment at all) that actually doesn’t exist in daily banking practices. They give the lure of customers to ignore payments and argue that the good name will recover within a certain period, and for billing will be taken care of by lawyers by paying a fee of 20-30% of total debt. The Logic: Until whenever the name of the debt must be paid, and before there is a payment of a good name in BI checking will not recover / clean. Will still be blacklisted even though it’s been 10 … Read More

Local Wisdom in Preventing Divorce

The wife sued for my divorce but all her arguments were defamatory. We also haven’t been apart for two years. Can I report on this report or the argument as a false complaint? Please give further instructions.


Marriage is a sacred thing, marriage is a spiritual bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife to form a happy or eternal family or household based on the Godhead of the Almighty. Marriage is legal if it is carried out according to the law of each religion and belief held. Each marriage is recorded according to applicable laws and regulations, Divorce itself is one of the reasons for the breakup of the marriage. Divorce can only be carried out before a court hearing after the court concerned has tried and failed to reconcile the two parties. To divorce, there must be enough reasons that between a husband and wife cannot live in harmony as husband and wife. Reasons for filing for divorce are:

a. One party commits adultery or drunkenness, compactor, gambler, etc. which is difficult to cure;

b. One party leaves the other for two consecutive years without the permission of the other party and any valid … Read More

Tidak hanya untuk anak-anak, susu juga baik untuk orang dewasa

Dua gelas penuh susu sehari adalah pelengkap yang baik untuk diet seimbang untuk orang dewasa. Susu adalah makanan pertama yang kita konsumsi ketika kita lahir ke dunia ini, sebagian besar dalam bentuk ASI ibu kita yang super bergizi dan protektif. Sebagai anak-anak, kita sering disuruh meminum susu kita – biasanya susu sapi dari karton – agar memiliki tulang yang kuat dan sehat.

Namun seiring bertambahnya usia, kita cenderung berhenti minum minuman bergizi ini, mungkin karena kita terlalu mengaitkannya dengan masa kanak-kanak dan ingin beralih ke minuman yang lebih “dewasa” seperti kopi dan teh.

Mengapa minum susu itu penting?

Susu tinggi kalsium memberikan berbagai manfaat kesehatan, terutama dalam meningkatkan kesehatan tulang kita karena menawarkan sumber kalsium yang kaya. Itu juga sarat dengan vitamin dan mineral yang penting untuk kesehatan kita, seperti vitamin D, fosfor, vitamin B untuk lebih banyak energi, dan vitamin A untuk sistem kekebalan yang lebih kuat dan kulit yang lebih sehat.

Minuman lezat ini juga merupakan sumber protein yang penting, karena setiap gelas susu biasa mengandung hampir 8 gram protein, yang membantu membangun dan memperbaiki jaringan otot.

Berapa banyak susu yang harus saya minum?

Tidak ada aturan keras dan cepat mengenai berapa banyak susu yang harus dikonsumsi seseorang … Read More

Law School Myth #5

law degree

How To Determine Which Law Degree Is Right For You

Most people applying to these programs have several years of experience as a authorized skilled. For admission to law faculty, aspiring attorneys normally want to carry a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or college. Most regulation schools do not require particular major conditions. Students interested in intellectual property legislation may benefit from an undergraduate diploma in math or technical science to arrange for the patent bar examination.

Is A Law Degree Worth It? 3 Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Path

An educational 12 months consists of forty eight to fifty two consecutive weeks. Just as with conventional regulation school packages, online law colleges have sure required programs and other electives which differ by establishment.

Each department then accepts switch credits from the corresponding program to allow college students to earn each degrees. One massive difference between conventional law degree applications and online diploma applications is that many distance studying programs have greater than only one giant examination at the end of the course that determines a pupil’s grade. One large exam is commonly discovered in additional conventional programs held at on-campus law faculties. Online regulation degree applications generally … Read More

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