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Regional District Attorney’s Offices

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Massachusetts District Attorney Association (Mdaa)

Schmidt’s election signaled a progressive shift within the state’s felony justice system. In addition to his victory, voters elected a felony protection attorney in Wasco County over the long-serving DA there, and voters in Jackson County declined plans to construct a brand new, bigger jail. The California District Attorney Investigators’ Association is a singular organization that represents a really distinctive phase of the legislation enforcement community – District Attorney Investigators. Gascón mentioned Lacey’s fractured relationship with communities of colour has compromised the district attorney’s office. Abdullah stated she had excessive hopes when Lacey became district lawyer in 2012.

A Message From District Attorney Beth Mccann Regarding The Shooting Death Of William Debose

District attorneys have the prosecutorial discretion to not pursue necessary minimal sentencing. This term for a prosecutor originates with the traditional use of the term “district” for multi-county prosecutorial jurisdictions in a number of U.S. states. For example, New York appointed prosecutors to multi-county districts prior to 1813. Even after those states broke up such districts and started appointing or electing prosecutors for particular person counties, they continued to use the title “district legal professional” for the most senior prosecutor in a county … Read More


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About The Attorney General

And I’ve additionally stated I’m dedicated to having the American folks have a free choice in this election between the candidates and I don’t want the Department of Justice to be interfering in that. We run a division that appears throughout the whole country to ensure persons are handled equally. You can solely try this when you have one workplace that’s responsible for that.

We really went again and located paperwork that showed that there have been plenty of irregularities in what the FBI did. And actually, when this case was being argued within the appellate courtroom, the appeals panel pointed out, ‘Hey, if there have been irregularities right here, it isn’t what Justice Department is doing now, it is what they did when they indicted Flynn.’ So I would say that justice was, is being done in that case.

And what actually happened in that case is that the 4 prosecutors who had prosecuted the case, the first line, they needed to suggest a seven to 9 year sentence on Stone, and the U.S. legal professional felt that was too extreme and was not justified under the circumstances. And what I stated was set forth … Read More