Local Wisdom in Preventing Divorce

The wife sued for my divorce but all her arguments were defamatory. We also haven’t been apart for two years. Can I report on this report or the argument as a false complaint? Please give further instructions.


Marriage is a sacred thing, marriage is a spiritual bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife to form a happy or eternal family or household based on the Godhead of the Almighty. Marriage is legal if it is carried out according to the law of each religion and belief held. Each marriage is recorded according to applicable laws and regulations, Divorce itself is one of the reasons for the breakup of the marriage. Divorce can only be carried out before a court hearing after the court concerned has tried and failed to reconcile the two parties. To divorce, there must be enough reasons that between a husband and wife cannot live in harmony as husband and wife. Reasons for filing for divorce are:

a. One party commits adultery or drunkenness, compactor, gambler, etc. which is difficult to cure;

b. One party leaves the other for two consecutive years without the permission of the other party and any valid reason or for any other reason against its will;

c. One party gets a five-year prison sentence or a heavier sentence after the marriage takes place;

d. One party commits atrocities or severe persecution that endangers the other party;

e. One of the parties has a disability or illness that results in being unable to carry out their obligations as husband/wife;

f. Between husband and wife, there are continual disputes and quarrels and there is no hope of living in harmony again in the household.

In the divorce suit, whoever argued, he was the one who proved it. This is by the provisions of the Article which reads:

Whoever, who says he has rights, or he mentioned an act to strengthen his rights, or to deny the rights of others, that person must prove the existence of that right or the existence of the event. Evidence that can be used consists of letters, witnesses, allegations, confessions, and oaths. The divorce proceedings are carried out in private, except for the reading of the decision. The judge will judge whether the plaintiff’s argument for filing for divorce is supported by strong or weak evidence. If the evidence is strong, then the lawsuit will be granted. And conversely, if the evidence is weak the lawsuit will be rejected.

All claims made according to proper procedures, especially through a lawsuit before the court, are acts that are following the law. Because the trial is conducted behind closed doors, the element of defamation or defamation you mentioned has not yet been fulfilled. The arguments or statements disclosed at the hearing that is closed to the public are only for the consumption and consideration of the judge in deciding the case.

If you want to cancel the divorce argument, instead of making a false complaint, you can refute the arguments put forward in the divorce suit so that the judge believes that the reason for divorce is still weak. But back to the goal of canceling the divorce, besides arguing based on legal facts, it also needs to be stressed that you and your wife still want to get along well. If the intention is still there, of course, hope for reconciliation still exists. The trick is to involve a large family from each party to participate in consultation to solve problems that arise.

Local Wisdom To Prevent Divorce

In principle, besides marriages arranged religiously, marriages can also follow customary rules in world society. They consider that marriage is also interpreted as the occurrence of friendship between extended families. And morally, this includes joint efforts of extended families so that marriage is full of blessings.

As is common, a man who feels he can no longer handle his household matters informs his wife of his family well, or vice versa. Hearing the complaint, the families of both parties, both clans, will gather and consult to find solutions to be given to the married couple. Furthermore, will work by visiting husband and wife one by one. They listened and took inventory of the breakdown of the household. They will then provide solutions to household problems that occur.

Sometimes there may be more families involved, which is involving a large family of the husband’s mother and the woman. They will consult and appoint the most experienced and authoritative party among them and appoint him to be a usually always consists of two clans, the husband and wife clans. It could even be four because it is added by the clan of the husband’s mother and the wife’s mother clan. Having a family relationship with the advisors, a balanced position, and coming from a wise and wise family, makes their advice heard by couples in conflict. And often, cases that are already registered in court will also be revoked voluntarily by the plaintiff, both wife, and husband.