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The chance to hold a referendum on constitutional issues was introduced in 1980, but has not been made use of thus far. The Article explains the way to decide whether a document is written in the language of the legislation.

Court: $100 Per Day Fines For Yard Signs Unconstitutional

If the Riksdag has taken its first determination relating to an amendment to fundamental legislation, it could decide to name a referendum on the matter. The results of a referendum of this sort are solely binding if a majority vote against the proposal. In this case, the Riksdag can not make an modification to the Constitution.

The language of comparable documents offers further proof. That different constitutions at the time have been written in the language of the law militates in favor of reading the Constitution in that very same language. For a good history and dialogue of the principal works, together with the appliance of social-contract concept to constitutional law, see Dennis C. Mueller, Public Choice 597–642 (3d ed. 2003). For a good overview, see generally Ron Replogle, Recovering the Social Contract .

Unsurprisingly, the most important issue is the language of the doc itself. The pervasive presence of technical authorized phrases offers sturdy proof that a doc is written in the language of the regulation as a result of odd language can not simply account for even a small variety of legal terms. Insofar as it is written to tell officers of their duties, a document is more prone to be written in legal language as a result of that language allows extra precision.

See also John Harrison, Substantive Due Process and the Constitutional Text, 83 Va. Some sawmills may have been categorized as public utilities throughout and prior to the Revolution. See John Lewis, A Treatise on the Law of Eminent Domain within the United States § one hundred sixty five, § 179 . 321 (requiring compensation when a dam apparently used to drive each a grist mill and a saw mill was forced to make pricey alterations so as to allow fish to pass over it). However, the Court then found that a state may lawfully erect a dam on such a creek when Congress had not regulated in any respect.