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Specialized Degree Programs

J.B.Educational Society has been working relentlessly in direction of the objective of achieving excellence within the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Management, Hospitality and Information Technology. The LL.B degree courses are adopted after a strenuous exercise; the programs are proposed through a National Curriculum Review Committee (NCRC) of the HEC in Law. The suggestions of the NCRC are then rigorously examined by a joint assembly of the representatives of the schools and the members of the PBC (Legal Education Committee). Various academic boards and our bodies of the University then review the finally accredited courses earlier than they’re in the end adopted.

Professor H.t. Smith Is Featured Panelist For Campus-wide “Conversation” On George Floyd Murder

Students of the ULC during vacation are inspired to work in law corporations to gain abilities required within the means of drafting and giving authorized opinions on various issues. The school is affiliated to the Vidyasagar University and accredited by The Bar Council of India. Many students of this school have come off with flying colors within the University examination. They have proved their capabilities in different fields of legal world like advocacy, teaching and in the judicial service examination. Our graduate college … Read More