Ex Post Facto Law

legality principle

Basic Principles On The Use Of Force And Firearms By Law Enforcement Officials

Georges Martyn studied law and medieval research in Kortrijk and Leuven (Belgium). In 1996 he defended his PhD thesis on early fashionable personal regulation legislation within the Southern Netherlands.

A. Stoian, The Principle of Proportionality in the Decisonal Activity of the Public Administration, în volumul The Knowledge Based Organization, the twentieth International Conference, Editura Academiei Forţelor Terestre „Nicolae Bălcescu” Sibiu, 2014, p. 510. Section thirteen.four offers that a defendant will solely bear a legal burden if the legislation expressly specifies that the burden of proof is a authorized burden; or requires the defendant to show the matter; or creates a presumption that the matter exists except the contrary is proved.

It deals with the powers and duties of administrative authorities, the procedure followed by them in exercising the powers and discharging the duties and the cures obtainable to an aggrieved individual when his rights are affected by any administrative action. There have been various reasons for the enlargement of administrative law like the change in the concept of the federal government, the inadequacy of judicial system, evolution of socialistic pattern of society and so on.

Real legitimacy for political selections comes from the elected representatives and is derived from the desire of the people. While hereditary monarchies remain in place, political energy is derived from the individuals as in a republic. With no monarch, most fashionable republics use the title president for the pinnacle of state.

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