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The Supreme Court has also permitted “preventive” detention with out bail. The Electronic Frontier Foundation was founded in 1990 to make sure that the rules embodied within the U.S. Constitution and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights are protected as new communications technologies emerge. The EFF offers authorized assist to people who really feel their “cyberspeech” rights are violated, and publicize cases of government attempts to censor the Internet.

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On the opposite hand, if Cora walks right into a Macy’s division store and criticizes the proprietor of Macy’s, Macy’s might eject Cora instantly. Macy’s and its personnel are personal, not government, and they do not have to abide by the Constitution. These are just some of the kinds of civil rights violation cases we handle.

The first important common problem to capital punishment that reached the Supreme Court was the case of Furman v. Georgia, 408 U.S. 238 . In a 5–four decision, the Supreme Court overturned the death sentences of Furman for homicide, in addition to two different defendants for rape. Of the 5 justices voting to overturn the death penalty, two found that capital punishment was unconstitutionally cruel and weird, whereas three found that the statutes at concern were applied in a random and capricious trend, discriminating against blacks and the poor. Furman v. Georgia didn’t maintain – even though it’s sometimes claimed that it did – that capital punishment is per se … Read More

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