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Unclaimed Money From The Government

When you pull up a case in Westlaw, there are tabs that seem immediately beneath the case title that provide you with information about the case historical past, negative treatment by other instances, and citing references. For all instances that you simply assume you might depend on, you must click on on the “History” tab to evaluation the case history. This is essential, even when there isn’t any adverse therapy (mentioned below), because the case history can establish essential case data, similar to whether there may be an appeal pending.

The Donner Party Wasn’t Solely About Cannibalism

During the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire and its earlier conquests within the Caribbean there were widespread reviews of cannibalism, justifying the conquest. Cannibals had been exempt from Queen Isabella’s prohibition on enslaving the indigenous. Another example of the sensationalism of cannibalism and its connection to imperialism occurred during Japan’s 1874 expedition to Taiwan. As Eskildsen describes, there was an exaggeration of cannibalism by Taiwanese indigenous peoples in Japan’s popular media similar to newspapers and illustrations at the time.

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