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The total enrollment for all regulation schools is capped at 2,000, which is a supply of contention between the powerful Korea Bar Association, and citizen groups and faculty administrators. There is an uproar among the schools which failed to get the government’s approval and even among the many faculties that did get the approval, there is dissatisfaction due to an especially low enrollment quantity. Several law schools are permitted to enroll forty college students per year, which is much below the financially sustainable number.

With this new law college system came a brand new bar examination, with a forty–50% passage rate which is capped by a numerical quota. Applicants at the moment are limited to taking the exam thrice in a five-12 months period.

The practical training for college students is organized at courts of legislation, and native and international moot courtroom competitions. A lawyer must pass the nationwide bar examination to turn into an lawyer, a decide, or a prosecutor. In order to take the bar examination, it is only essential to finish the four 12 months research programme and have a certain quantity of labor expertise ( i.e. as a paralegal), but most attorneys have also … Read More