Tips to Avoid Divorce in the Home

Most people hope to get married only once in a lifetime. As the saying goes that love lives a lifetime. However, the dynamics of life turned out not to work as desired. There are always obstacles and problems that accompany the journey of a married couple. In the end many are difficult to avoid divorce in the household.
It is unfortunate if a marriage that has been fostered for years must fail at the divorce trial. It’s not just one of you who feels hurt. Children also become victims of the decisions taken by their parents.

Therefore, no matter how heavy the problems in your household. Finish as much as possible before the two of you decide to end each other. There must be a way out of every problem that is being faced.

1. Don’t Run from Problems

The emergence of problems in the household is a natural thing. Even the most romantic couple in the world will not escape problems. Whether it’s caused by jealousy, economic problems, misunderstanding, or bad deeds committed by one partner.
However, some people are often mistaken in dealing with problems in the household. Instead face and try to solve it as fast as possible. They even run away or run away from the problem. This will certainly cause new, more complicated problems.
Like a small fire in a chaff pile. If we leave it and leave it, it will probably get bigger and eventually burn it all down. That’s what will happen if … Read More

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What Needs To Be Understood Before Deciding To End A Marriage

If a number of efforts have been made to maintain a household that was built in a marriage bond, but still you and your partner feel divorce is the best way, along with information related to the divorce process that needs to be passed.

I. Procedure for divorce in the District Court:

• The divorce suit is filed by the plaintiff or his attorney in a court where the jurisdiction covers the defendant’s residence, unless the defendant does not know the residence or the defendant abroad so the lawsuit must be filed in the court of the plaintiff’s residence;

• Judicial review by the judge;

• Divorce is decided by the judge;

• The divorce decision is registered with the Registrar.

II. Procedure for divorce in the Religious Courts:

1.In the case of the husband as the applicant (Divorce Divorce):

• A husband who is going to divorce his wife submits a request to the Court to hold a hearing to witness the divorce pledge in the Court where the respondent’s residence (wife) is. Except if the respondent deliberately leaves the place of residence determined together without the permission of the applicant;

• In the case where the respondent lives abroad, the application is submitted to the Court whose jurisdiction covers the applicant’s residence;

• In the case of the applicant and the respondent residing overseas, the application is submitted to the court whose jurisdiction covers the place of their marriage or to the Central Jakarta Religious Court.

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