Urgent ! This is the Role of Lawyers in Assisting the Police

The role of advocates and / or more often than not we hear as lawyers in terms of legal assistance in the police is very important and useful. Like the scales used for weighing, so that they are not biased and only see one side, that’s where the lawyer is there so that the scales are not one-sided so that what is called justice can be realized.

Legal provisions regarding the role of lawyers for legal assistance in criminal law are regulated in the Criminal Procedure Law which contains: For the sake of defense, a suspect or defendant has the right to receive legal assistance from one or more legal advisers during the period and at each level of examination, according to the procedures stipulated in this law”

And regarding the title above, why is the role of a lawyer in assistance in the police important? The aim is apart from providing legal knowledge to someone caught in a legal problem because he does not understand or even for the first time dealing with the law, another thing is to exercise and fight for the rights of the person he is defending whether he is a suspect, reporter The reported party or witness is in accordance with the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations.

The rights guaranteed by law as described above are such as whether or not a summons by the police is legal, whether or not an arrest, detention is valid, termination of investigation or prosecution and determination of a suspect, as well as requests to hold a suspension of detention. , even to an examination conducted by the police. Where when someone provides information (in this case the suspect and / or witness) to the investigator it is given without pressure from anyone and / or in any form.

That is where the duty of a lawyer is present as a legal counterweight for the sake of upholding the law based on the applicable criminal procedural law in Indonesia. And it should also be noted that in criminal procedural law, the nature of legal assistance for lawyers in criminal law is passive and limited. it is as stated in

And although the role of lawyers in legal assistance in the police is passive by seeing and hearing the examination, in practice the role of lawyers is needed and remains an important thing to use. Because in addition to the matters described by the previous author regarding gaining knowledge and fighting for the rights protected by law, in terms of psychology or mental condition it is also very influential. So that whether he is a suspect, Reporting Party, Reported Party or as a witness in the Police, he is more courageous in stating the truth that he has experienced, owned and known.