Tips to Avoid Divorce in the Home

Most people hope to get married only once in a lifetime. As the saying goes that love lives a lifetime. However, the dynamics of life turned out not to work as desired. There are always obstacles and problems that accompany the journey of a married couple. In the end many are difficult to avoid divorce in the household.
It is unfortunate if a marriage that has been fostered for years must fail at the divorce trial. It’s not just one of you who feels hurt. Children also become victims of the decisions taken by their parents.

Therefore, no matter how heavy the problems in your household. Finish as much as possible before the two of you decide to end each other. There must be a way out of every problem that is being faced.

1. Don’t Run from Problems

The emergence of problems in the household is a natural thing. Even the most romantic couple in the world will not escape problems. Whether it’s caused by jealousy, economic problems, misunderstanding, or bad deeds committed by one partner.
However, some people are often mistaken in dealing with problems in the household. Instead face and try to solve it as fast as possible. They even run away or run away from the problem. This will certainly cause new, more complicated problems.
Like a small fire in a chaff pile. If we leave it and leave it, it will probably get bigger and eventually burn it all down. That’s what will happen if you run away from problems. Better try to deal with it patiently when there are problems with your partner.

2. Discuss the Problem with a Partner

Always discussing problems with a partner is one way to prevent divorce. Because the lack of communication between you is often the root of the problem that often arises.
For that, rather than running away from problems. It’s better if you deal with it. Your partner is not an enemy who must be served with verbal abuse or violence. Invite your partner to sit down and discuss the problems you are facing.
Don’t let the problem that was originally small cause cracks in the household. Try to be open about the whims or obstacles in each person’s heart.
Listen patiently when the couple expresses their hearts. Do not you interrupt or even clash arguments which will further complicate the situation.

3. Look for the Best Solution

With a calm discussion without the need to insist with each other. Of course there will be ways to solve problems in the household. Both you and your partner try to give each other their opinions. From two different opinions, take the middle way so that there is no conflict in the future.
Offering each other solutions in the event of a conflict will prevent divorce which is undesirable. Get rid of each other’s selfish attitudes for the benefit of the family’s future.
For example when a wife wants to keep working after giving birth. While you want your wife to take care of the child at home. The solution that can be taken might be to let the wife work while the child can be left in the care of the parents or parents-in-law. After all, the wife works also to help the family economy.

4. Don’t Blame Each Other

The cause of divorce that also often arises is like blaming each other. In fact there are often husbands who in fact make mistakes but do not want to admit. Instead, he instead blames his wife for covering up his own mistakes.
This is what often causes a big fight until finally it is difficult to avoid divorce. Logically someone certainly does not want to be blamed. Especially if he feels right.
Instead of blaming each other, it would be better if each side gave advice to one another when one of you made a mistake. Also, don’t act as if you are the most righteous. Because it will only make household relations not harmonious.

5. Align when there is a misunderstanding

In a domestic relationship. Misunderstandings often arise between one another. If not straightened will make one partner lose confidence. Especially if it involves a third person in a relationship. Of course it will cause pain because they feel betrayed.
Therefore, don’t let misunderstandings be a trigger that can cause divorce. Straighten up and tell the truth to your partner. If necessary, bring accurate evidence so that he returns to believe fully in you.

6. Mutual Introspection

Another way to avoid divorce is mutual self-introspection. For example by going out of the house to get some fresh air while calming the mind and correcting yourself about what has happened. Not that you run away from the problem. Both you and your partner just need time to be alone.
This is better than you are still alone with a situation that is still heating up. Of course it will cause undesirable things such as domestic violence (domestic violence).
In periods of calm like this, try to confide in with someone you trust. Tell us what happened without taking the perspective that your partner is wrong.
Neutral other people’s opinions can sometimes provide the best solution for you. And when your friend says that you are wrong, then you have to admit it and go to your partner immediately to solve household problems.