Tips for Choosing a Lawyer

Beginning in 2000, the term a lawyer’s office that helped close credit cards / KTA began to appear. Gradually the lawyer’s office that helped the process of closing credit cards increasingly mushroomed. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who act in the name of a lawyer’s office to deceive customers for profit. With this, negative public opinion arises from the term of lawyer’s office which helps the credit card closing process. Here we summarize some things that need to be considered in choosing a lawyer’s office for handling your credit

Do Not Believe In Offices That Offer The Bleaching Program.

The lawyer’s office usually offers a bleaching program (no payment at all) that actually doesn’t exist in daily banking practices. They give the lure of customers to ignore payments and argue that the good name will recover within a certain period, and for billing will be taken care of by lawyers by paying a fee of 20-30%} of total debt. The Logic: Until whenever the name of the debt must be paid, and before there is a payment of a good name in BI checking will not recover / clean. Will still be blacklisted even though it’s been 10 years (a fact of my own friend). Although the initial billing is handled by the lawyer because the customer’s address has been transferred. But the debt collector will definitely find out the customer’s address, because the bank and the debt collector will not remain silent if the customer and the lawyer’s office have no good faith. Therefore, we, as one of the law offices that have long been established in Jakarta, regretted that other law offices are carrying out such practices, because with the rise of offices that carry out these practices, in the eyes of the public all law offices are the same, even on the internet many are discuss and vilify the lawyer’s office, even though not everything is like that. Our office always offers 2 programs, discount and installments. We always advise our customers to repay their debts with this relief and firmly reject those who want a whitening program. Because basically debt must be paid, both legally and religiously. And here we also do not want to damage the good relations with the banking sector. We as mediators who help negotiations must maintain good relations with the bank and the debt collector. If our customers have no payment to the bank. Then our office will be labeled bad in the eyes of the bank and can even be blacklisted because it is considered not to solve the problem.

Do Not Believe In Advertising / Iming That Does Not Sign Intelligent.

They usually place advertisements that don’t make sense like a 90%} discount. One way to get customers is through advertisements via message, newspaper, brochures or the internet. This is legitimate because many people do not know about the services of lawyers who can help negotiations. But to promise a 90%} discount is a very risky and impossible thing. Logic: It is not possible for a bank to give a 90%} discount just like that, except (sorry) to customers who die. And that depends on whether the customer pays insurance premiums every month or not. If not, then the debt will still be charged even if only 20%}. But if the customer during the use of a credit card pays an insurance premium then it is possible for that customer not to pay a penny at the time of his death. The discount given by the bank is not equal, because every bank has different rules. but until now I have never found a bank that can provide a 90%} discount. Our office has never offered such a big discount. What we offer in our advertisements is a discount of 30-60%} because we don’t want to over-promise our customers, even though we always try to be above 50%}, it is not uncommon for our customers to actually get a 70%} discount from the results of our negotiations with the bank. everything returns again depending on the customer’s card.

Do Not Believe In Offices That Ask For Credit / 3 Digit Cards Last.

Not a few lawyers ‘offices ask for customers’ credit cards even though the terms of the credit card are not justified to be left to other parties except the cardholder. Likewise with the 3 digits on the back of the card, the 3 digits on the back of the card can be used as a transaction tool on the online system. Logic: What are credit cards for? Isn’t a credit card privacy? Concerned that the lawyer’s office is currently using the card to withdraw cash or gestures, even if the rest of the limit is gone they are not reluctant to overlimit the credit card. Customers usually do not know this because billing and billing have been changed to the fake telephone address and telephone number. Our office never asks for a customer’s credit card let alone the 3 digits on the back of the card, they can keep it until we negotiate. If the negotiation is successful we will automatically ask the customer to cut out his card and just take a photo and send it to us for proof to his bank. No need to give the card from the beginning to maintain the trust of customers.

Make Sure The Office Doesn’t Move & His Lawyers Have Legal Number

Another problem that often occurs is a lawyer’s office that moves places that causes customers to be uneasy. And this can cause communication difficulties to hold accountable if something unexpected happens. also make sure the lawyer has a number as proof of the office’s negligence. Logic: If the office moves from place to place without notifying them via official letters to all customers. how customers can feel protected. The customer actually feels worried because the office might leave his responsibilities at any time without giving news to the customer. Our own office here has stood 8th and currently our office is next to the lawyer’s house directly. So customers can feel calm because our office does not rent / contract a place (already owned) so it will not move. Therefore our office fees are cheaper than those of other offices which charge 15%}. Because our office has no rental fees, we only charge 13%}. With the condition of our permanent office, customers who want to consult can also be free to meet, if we are over working hours can wait a maximum of 8 at night. And Saturday even though if you want a consultation can be confirmed in advance.

Make Sure You Are Handled By The Right Person

Of all the factors causing the character assassination of the “real lawyer’s office” the most important thing is to return to the person who handled the customer. In fact, there are a lot of employees from the lawyer’s office who are free from responsibilities or do not really handle customers well. That is one of the reasons why the office has become a bad name. When in fact not all people are like that, there are still very many law office employees who really work and handle customers well. In fact, it is not uncommon for customers to refer their friends to be taken care of by that person. All returned to the person of each person. So, do not judge an institution only from individuals who are not responsible.