attorney general

Assistant District Attorney

The state prosecutor (ríkissaksóknari) represents the state in criminal trials and is appointed by the Minister of Justice for an indefinite interval. The Minister of Justice oversees the judiciary, prosecution, policing, jail system et al. In practically all United States jurisdictions the attorney common is the chief legislation enforcement officer of that jurisdiction, and as such attorney basic can also be considered a police rank.

The correct form of addressing a person holding the workplace is addressed Mister or Madam Attorney General, or simply as Attorney General. The particular person U.S. states and territories, as well as the federal district of Washington, D.C.

The Procureur-Generaal additionally prosecutes members of parliament within the case of misfeance. The state legal professional (ríkislögmaður) represents the state in civil lawsuits. The state lawyer is appointed by the Prime Minister for a interval of 5 years and must have the identical skills required to serve as a Supreme Court justice.

The majority of state attorneys common are chosen by popular election, versus the U.S. Attorney General, who’s a presidential appointee confirmed by the Senate.

The second kind of attorney-common (“procureur-generaal”, whereas their replacements are called “advocaat-generaal”) is an unbiased advisor to the … Read More