Important Rights Listed In The Constitution

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Assessing The Government’s Lawsuit Against John Bolton [Updated After Wednesday’s Filing Of A Tro Motion]

The validity of all bonds, money owed, contracts, as properly of individuals as of our bodies corporate, or the state, of all suits, actions, or rights of motion, both in regulation and fairness, shall continue as if no change had taken place. All officers filling any office by election or appointment shall proceed to exercise the duties thereof, according to their respective commissions or appointments, until their offices shall have been abolished or their successors chosen and qualified in accordance with this constitution or the laws enacted pursuant thereto.

It is designed to provide for a nationwide authorities sufficiently robust and flexible to satisfy the wants of the republic, but sufficiently limited and simply to protect the assured rights of citizens; it permits a balance between society’s want for order and the individual’s proper to freedom. To guarantee these ends, the Framers of the Constitution created three unbiased and coequal branches of government. That this Constitution has supplied steady democratic government through the periodic stresses of more than two centuries illustrates the genius of the American system of government. The fee shall proceed to consider the alteration of districts in accordance with the ideas recited in this article and it shall submit a plan of districting to the secretary of the state by the thirtieth day of the November next succeeding the appointment of its members.

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