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The EU has recognised the consequences of the human rights implications for mutual recognition of excessive and unjustified use of pre-trial detention by its Member States for no less than seven years. The Commission’s 2009 Roadmap on procedural rights in felony proceedings (the Roadmap) states that “[e]xcessively lengthy durations of pre-trial detention are detrimental for the individual, can prejudice judicial cooperation between the Member States and don’t characterize the values for which the European Union stands.” This was adopted by the Commission’s Green Paper on Detention (the Green Paper) published by the European Commission in 2011, which recognised that detention points “come throughout the purview of the European Union as […] they are a related side of the rights that have to be safeguarded in order to promote mutual belief” (Green Paper, p 2). In the EU, overcrowded circumstances have been discovered by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) … Read More

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