ERA training seminar – ”Legal Capacity of Persons with Disabilities” – EFC

legal capacity lawA litigation guardian may be appointed to behave on behalf of a person without legal capacity in legal issues. then they need to nonetheless pay for what they purchased even if they didn’t have the legal capacity to make that contract.

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Jay Aubrey from the BC Civil Liberties Association, Graham Webb from the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly in Toronto, and Marie Howard of the Alzheimer Society of BC might be exploring the pros and cons of opening up entry through advance consent in their panel. Emily Clough shall be looking at capability to marry.

As you know if you are a daily reader of my posts, CRPD — the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities — requires all countries to end guardianship and other substitute decision-making, and to abolish any type of compulsory psychological well being ‘treatment’ intervention or deprivation of … Read More

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